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Potting Shed Creations, LTD


Bee Bottles

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Mason Bee Directions    Leafcutter Bee Directions

How to remove the directions:  To remove the directions, you will need to remove 1-2 bee nesting tubes.  The tubes are tension fit into the bottle to keep them secure while hanging.  To remove, we use needle nose pliers and pull out a tube directly above the directions.  With the tube removed, pull the directions out and replace the nesting tube.  It may be necessary to remove more than one tube.  


Hanging the Bee Bottle:  The best place to hang your bottle is in a location with south or southeastern sun exposure and is protected from wind and rain.  Under the eave of a roof is a great location.  We use a simple hook to hang the bottle and rest the base of the bottle against a wall for added stability.  


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