Garden-in-a-pail Herbs

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When a full sized garden is out of the question, and space is limited, sometimes drastic measures must be taken, or you can just find an eco-friendly, self contained option like this Herb Trio Mini Pail! With our Mini Pail options, you have a fully contained garden already set up and ready to go, just open them up, follow the directions, and soon, your garden will be in full bloom!

Mixed Herbs | basil, garlic chives, parsley ( Ocimum basilicum, Allium tuberosum, Petroselinum crispum) Grow fresh and fragrant culinary herbs directly in the leak-proof pail. Simply snip off herbs, as needed, and they will continue to grow for the next harvest.

The perfect size for a windowsill (5.2'' high x 6"diam.) Includes: US made steel pail, seed, OMRI listed coconut husks (for drainage), OMRI listed growing medium and easy-to-follow directions. Handmade in Idaho.