Kids Scatter Garden Bird

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Bird Habitat Scatter Garden. Songbirds will be so delighted with all of the extraordinary wildflowers this collection offers. Sweet nectar producing wildflowers naturally attract hummingbirds to your garden. Watch with a child as your yard becomes a bird paradise. Write down what you see with the included field guide and notes. Includes: 17 seed varieties, field guide and notes, garden stake, directions. Bag 7.25" high x 3.5" wide.


Flowers. (1) Partridge Pea, (2) California Poppy, (3) Lance-Leaved Coreopsis, (4) Pacific Beauty Calendula, (5) Sulphur Cosmos, (6) Purple Coneflower, (7) Blue Flax, (8) Gayfeather, (9) Annual Phlox, (10) Shasta Daisy, (11) Purple Prairie Clover, (12) Sweet William Pinks, (13) Pumila Mix Zinnia, (14) Prairie Coneflower, (15) Plains Coreopsis, (16) Black-Eyed Susan,(17) New England Aster.


zones. 3–9 | seed. 20 g | coverage. 125 sq. ft.